The Dieppe Navals group

Offer solutions, both turnkey and on demand, for maritime professionals

The DIEPPE-NAVALS association was founded on 15 June 2011 with four main objectives:

  1. To promote and develop the skills and expertise of companies working in Dieppe basin in areas of boat construction, repair, and maintenance and all other activities related to the sea
  2. To create links and networking between member companies of the association
  3. To be proactive with public partners and major outsourcers
  4. To bring member companies together to work on common issues

Four working groups were formed within DIEPPE-NAVALS:

  • A working group on fishing
  • A working group on recreational boating
  • A working group on shipbuilding
  • A working group on renewable energy, including offshore wind

Objective: DIEPPE-NAVALS offers and will offer solutions, both turnkey and on demand, for maritime professionals, based on the infrastructure (both private and public) for lifting and dry docking facilities available in Dieppe harbour as well as other ports on the Seine-Maritime coast (Fécamp, Le Havre, Le Tréport and Saint-Valery-en-Caux) ... and beyond.